We Have Gone Live!!

And we’re live!!!

All of us here at Turnill and Company are super excited to have launched our very own blog and our new website created by the fantastic Ilya Titov who I have to compliment for his patience to deal with my lack of knowledge when it comes to anything super technical and his great eye to help design our website that we are all very pleased with in the office!

We are feeling revitalised and refreshed after a successful summer full of happy customers, beautiful properties and a revamped look for Turnill and Company. What with our lovely new website, a bright change for our boards, Facebook and twitter becoming a hit for the company and successful sales and lettings it’s been a rather productive summer. Are we ready for the winter yet? Im not so sure!! The big coats are slowly starting to make an appearance from the wardrobes, the sky is getting grey heating is going on soon! Logs are being collected ready for the British Winter!